How refreshing can be a glass of lemon juice with two ice cube in it in the hot days of summer, especially when you had long tiring day and had to stay in the sun for a really long time? May be exactly what you need at that time. But what if you see there is no ice in your fridge?

All you see is no sign of ice. Now imagine the scenario that your kid was playing in the garden, suddenly you heard a screaming and a voice was really familiar. You get there and see your kid slipped and got hurt in the knee.

You rush to the fridge and see there is no ice to put in the ice bag. There are so many more reasons out there where you need ice cubes. Even at parties at your place you need ice with specific size with a view to serve them with the drink. In case of ice cube molds, you may need them in special occasions like when you want to have a party at your house and want make something decorative with a view to give your dining table a bit more appealing look.

Now comes the most important question which is what aspect you need keep in your list of consideration when you want to buy ice cube trays and molds. Though it is not one of those product that need a lot of thinking like you do when you are out there for buying a TV or car. But when you know what to look for it becomes much more easier for you to get it.